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Sensit Coil Technology - Get the best out of your vape flavour

septembre 22 2023 – Trade-X Distribution

Sensit Coil Technology - How to get the best out of your vape flavour - ANYX Switzerland
Sensit Coil Technology - How to get the best out of your vape flavour - ANYX Switzerland

What is SENSIT coil

In today’s world science now allows us to describe the senses,Hearing, saying, and even feeling pain,but no sensation is more difficult to quantify than taste, Tastes is the mysterious existence of the superposition of many complex senses and feelings. Because humans have a wide range of senses, small changes can make a fundamental difference. So why are electronic atomizers able to make things taste so good? How do they do it? Many years of research and experimentation have helped the engineers at SENSIT uncover the critical factors to be able to answer this question,

SENSIT was founded on this principle, and ANYX cotton atomizing coil has been the foundation for our industry-leading taste advantage. By using material composed of cotton plant fibers of varying thicknesses and densities, which are wrapped layer by layer around the heating wire, the fine pores ensure the efficient e-liquid adsorption. Using continuous heat from 8w to 12w constantly generates a pure and flavourful experience.



Experiences stand the test of time

At SENSIT, we engineered a solution to keep the taste of each Puff consistent in a closed system, using our unique e-liquid and coil separation storage structure. The e-liquid storage tank is completely sealed before use, allowing us to avoid accidental leakage and possible composition changes, due to the volatilisation of the fume e-liquid needed for successful long transportation in storage. Once inserted, the coil wicking begins within 25 seconds. Sensit has engineered a multilayer sealing structure and recycle system, preventing e-liquid from leaking, increasing protection on the auto draw sensor, and making the battery more stable with a longer lifespan.



Cloud is not only fuller, but purer

The SENSIT's outlet path operates like a mathematical filter, allowing airflow to pass through smoothly, bringing flavour molecules into the mouth without reservation. In the outlet path, the accurate design pressure release system, uses two tiny apertures to balance the pressure, from the inside and outside of the e-liquid chamber. No matter how the inhale strength changes, each puff will have the proper amount of e-liquid atomised, Which means no burning and no spit back.




Liveliness and agility are indispensable traits

The unique internal air path design allows all SENSIT products to adapt to each user's preferred inhalation habits. Regardless of the strength of the inhale force, after four turns, the airflow will produce suitable draw resistance and sufficient pressure. The auto draw sensor works efficiently, allowing the user to feel the smooth and sensitive interaction between inhale and exhale. When precision meets elegant design and performance, excellence is achieved, Great flavor is always smooth, pure, reliable, sensit.